Age: 25
Home Town: Regina, Saskatchewan
Home Mountain: Whistler Blackcomb
Stance: Regular 22.5'' Wide 10° Front, -5° Back
Raised on the flatlands of Saskatchewan, Canada, Mark McMorris has become one of the most decorated and successful athletes in competitive snowboarding history. In 2011, he became the first person to land a backside triple cork 1440, a trick so difficult it was once thought impossible. In 2012, at the age of 18, he became one of few people to win double gold at the same winter X Games event, with a victory in both Slopestyle and Big Air (where he also landed the first triple in X Games history). He’s gone onto claim 15 X Games medals, 4 US Open titles and 2 bronze medals at the Winter Olympic Games. He’s earned medals at the Dew Tour, the Air & Style, and more in both Slopestyle and Big Air. When he’s not competing, Mark has appeared in snowboard films including Brain Farm Cinema’s “The Art of Flight,” Burton’s “Standing Sideways” and “13,” and his own feature film project, “In Motion,” shot mainly in the backcountry. Throughout it all, he’s been known as a laid-back guy who can thrown down his best even in high-pressure situations. “It’s been so great. Whenever the pressure kicks in, I’ve been able to perform,” Mark says. “That’s an athlete’s dream. It all makes me want to try harder and do better.”


The McMorris Foundation inspires youth in need to find their passion through sport.
Brothers Mark and Craig McMorris launched the McMorris Foundation in 2012 with a vision of creating a more affordable, accessible, and inclusive sport culture in Canada.
Growing up, the pair were fortunate to have plenty of opportunities to explore their athletic potential, but they soon realized this was not a reality shared by many of their peers.   
In Canada, one in five children lives below the poverty line. Not surprisingly, participation in organized sport has been on the decline for decades. Rising equipment costs and registration fees compound systemic issues related to cultural inclusivity and confidence, all but removing the option of sport for countless Canadian households. 
To date, the McMorris Foundation has raised over $200,000 and created athletic opportunities for more than 2,000 Canadian youth with the help of Jumpstart.



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