Age: 25
Home Town: Regina, Saskatchewan
Home Mountain: Whistler Blackcomb
Stance: Regular 22.5'' Wide 10° Front, -5° Back
Raised on the flatlands of Saskatchewan, Canada, Mark McMorris has become one of the most decorated and successful athletes in competitive snowboarding history. In 2011, he became the first person to land a backside triple cork 1440, a trick so difficult it was once thought impossible. In 2012, at the age of 18, he became one of few people to win double gold at the same winter X Games event, with a victory in both Slopestyle and Big Air (where he also landed the first triple in X Games history). He’s gone onto claim 15 X Games medals, 4 US Open titles and 2 bronze medals at the Winter Olympic Games. He’s earned medals at the Dew Tour, the Air & Style, and more in both Slopestyle and Big Air. When he’s not competing, Mark has appeared in snowboard films including Brain Farm Cinema’s “The Art of Flight,” Burton’s “Standing Sideways” and “13,” and his own feature film project, “In Motion,” shot mainly in the backcountry. Throughout it all, he’s been known as a laid-back guy who can thrown down his best even in high-pressure situations. “It’s been so great. Whenever the pressure kicks in, I’ve been able to perform,” Mark says. “That’s an athlete’s dream. It all makes me want to try harder and do better.”


The McMorris Foundation inspires youth in need to find their passion through sport.
Brothers Mark and Craig McMorris launched the McMorris Foundation in 2012 with a vision of creating a more affordable, accessible, and inclusive sport culture in Canada.
Growing up, the pair were fortunate to have plenty of opportunities to explore their athletic potential, but they soon realized this was not a reality shared by many of their peers.   
In Canada, one in five children lives below the poverty line. Not surprisingly, participation in organized sport has been on the decline for decades. Rising equipment costs and registration fees compound systemic issues related to cultural inclusivity and confidence, all but removing the option of sport for countless Canadian households. 
To date, the McMorris Foundation has raised over $200,000 and created athletic opportunities for more than 2,000 Canadian youth with the help of Jumpstart.



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UNBROKEN: The Snowboard Life of Mark McMorris

Canada's Mark McMorris has defied the odds since he began his snowboarding career in 2009. From growing up in one of the flattest places on earth - Regina, Saskatchewan - Mark has catapulted himself to the top of the Big Air and Slopestyle world with fifteen Winter X Games medals, countless international victories, two Crystal Globes, his own video game Infinite Air, an ESPY Award for Action Sports Athlete of the Year and an Olympic bronze medal in Sochi 2014. 
For Mark, becoming a generational talent has been all about defying the odds and turning disaster into triumph. After breaking his rib at X Games Aspen just 11 days before the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games, Mark's chance to compete was slipping away but defying the odds he rose up to push through and land himself on the podium bringing home an Olympic bronze medal. Little did he know, his journey to the next Olympics would be paved with a series of injuries and inspired comebacks, each more epic than the last. 
After a gruelling 6-month rehab, Mark comes back from a fractured femur suffered at LA Air + Style in February 2016, working to re-establish himself as the rider to beat in 2017. Adding fuel to the fire, Mark's comeback season will determine if he qualifies for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang. 
Filmmaker and childhood friend Adam Burwell follows Mark every step of the way from the Olympic test event in South Korea, to the FIS World Cup, and the US Open as he competes with the world's best in Big Air and Slopestyle earning his spot on the Canadian Olympic team. Then on March 25, 2017, everything changes. With the competition season over Mark explores the Whistler backcountry with his brother Craig, Torstein Horgmo and friends. While cameras are rolling the unthinkable happens, a horrific accident leaves Mark clinging to life with his brother and friends doing all they can to save him. 
After Mark wakes up in ICU, a battle to save his life becomes a battle to save his passion and career as a professional snowboarder with an uncertain future ahead of him. Laying broken in a hospital bed, hooked up to a maze of tubes and machines, the snowboarding phenomenon faces his hardest challenge yet as he begins the slow and painful recovery process. Suddenly backcountry adventures, the X Games, the Olympics and all media attention, sponsors and endorsement deals that go along with being one of the most recognizable names in snowboarding are all up in the air. Will he compete on the same elite level again? Will he even ride a snowboard again? These are the gut-wrenching questions Mark faces with his rehab team as he embarks on a long road back to health from ICU to recovery and rehab and hopefully back on the mountain ready to drop in again. 
With intimate access, this 44-minute documentary shows 23-year old Mark McMorris at his most vulnerable and resilient as he battles to get back on his board and doing what he loves. Candid interviews with family, friends, and snowboarding legends Jake Burton Carpenter, Torstein Horgmo, Nicolas Mueller and Danny Davis tell the story of one of the sport's most influential riders facing an existential crisis. 
This is UNBROKEN: The Snowboard Life of Mark McMorris.